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Volunteer visiting elderly client


The North Miami Foundation for Senior Citizens' Services provides a wide variety of services designed to help senior citizens remain active and independent in their own homes.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” 
John Bunyan

Services For Senior Citizens

How Can You Help?

In Home Assessment

After we receive a telephone call requesting service, our social work staff will schedule a home visit to discuss service options with potential clients

Follow-up visits are made as needed.


The ability to complete tasks independently keeps older adults in the community mainstream. We transport to grocery stores and other destinations in our service area. The driver and designated escorts provide a supportive arm and assistance with packages.


Crisis intervention, bereavement, and family relationships are areas addressed through short-term counseling. On occasion, older persons may need a little assistance dealing with stress, anxiety or depression. More extensive problems are referred to a community based mental health agency.

Caregiver Support

Our program for over-burdened caregivers includes counseling, and consumable medical supplies as available. This assistance enables caregivers to attend to their own needs, helps to reduce feelings of stress and may enable them to continue in their role for a longer period of time.

Meal Delivery

Proper nutrition is essential for the well being of older adults. Home delivered meals are designed to meet 1/3 of the daily requirement. A licensed dietician prepares the 4-week menu cycle. Our lunchtime meal includes: meat entree, two vegetables, bread, butter, dessert and milk. No salt is added in food preparation.

Reassurance Calls & Friendly Visits

A volunteer’s friendly visit by phone provides reassurance that being alone need not translate into loneliness. Current events, sharing a recipe, or just quiet conversation will say someone cares. Friendly visits: A home visit from a volunteer for reading, letter writing or general conversation is a welcome change from the daily routine.

Who We Help (Eligibility Requirements)

Any person 60 years of age or older who resides within the boundaries identified below. Services are provided based on need and availability. Services are available to seniors residing in the following areas:

Southern Service Area
  • 87th to 110th Streets


Central Service Area
  • 110th to 150th Streets;
  • Bay to NW 17 Avenue (Plus the Golden Pond / Twin Lakes Housing Complexes).


Northern Service Area
  • 167th Street to the Broward County Line;
  • I-95 to the Turnpike. (Plus Aventura / Skylake for meal service only).

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