About Us

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The North Miami Foundation for Senior Citizens' Services is a not-for-profit, social-service agency which provides a wide variety of services to help local seniors remain independent in their own homes.

“We only have what we give.” 
Isabele Allende


The mission of the North Miami Foundation For Senior Citizens’ Services, Inc. is to maximize the opportunities for the elderly of Northeast Miami-Dade County to maintain their personal independence and to enhance their quality of life by providing a broad array of social services.

Bringing it to LIFE

To achieve this mission, caring and consistent service is provided by the staff and volunteers of the Foundation. There is a commitment to excellence on the part of the staff, volunteers and the Board of Directors, and we have the ongoing involvement of various community groups and individuals, including governmental and service organizations.

How We're Funded

We do not charge fees for services to our constituents. Private donations are always appreciated. Also, partial annual funding for services is received from: the Alliance for Aging, Inc.; the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs; Miami-Dade County; the City of North Miami; the Villages of Biscayne Park and Miami Shores; an Endowment from the North Dade Medical Foundation and private donations.

Who's On Our Board of Directors (2021-2022)

  • Michael McDearmaid,  President – Community/Gov. Relations

  • Blanca Cobo – Vice President/Treasurer - Retired Banker

  • Carol F. Keys – Attorney

  • Clarence Merke, Secretary – Retired

  • Esther T. Blynn - Attorney

  • Larry Juriga - North Miami Police Department

  • Mary Estimé-Irvin - NM City Council/Estimé & Irvin Associates

  • Paola Pierre - Human Resources consultant

  • Mafe Briceño - Media and Communications

  • Michael Stahl – Retired




"This is a special note of appreciation. I am really enjoying the way in which Sandi and all the volunteers give us the courtesy and gracefulness of their time. I really enjoy rides. They see that we are at the proper place and different activity at the right time. They also teach us how to live longer and stay healthy." 




"When I got home from the hospital, had a table’s worth of paperwork, feeling weak as a kitten and broke, down and out - you name it.  I had just survived anal cancer and my salvation was the daily meal from my wonderful North Miami Foundation for Senior Citizens’ Services, Inc.!  From 85 lbs., I gradually got back to 105 lbs. and am feeling better every day.  The drivers are courteous, the food excellent and my appreciation is endless. I was a former employee of the Foundation and enjoyed every minute of my 7 years there.  I am now a volunteer and proud of it. My love to all and God Bless."

Thank you,



"The North Miami Foundation for Senior Citizens’ Services, Inc. has been providing my father and my mother with home delivered meals and information and referral sources since 2003.  We truly appreciated the support and understanding this agency provides the elderly in North Miami  Their ability to assist the Haitian community through the governmental process of Medicaid and food stamps has been a blessing .  No words can express our appreciation.  We thank you very much. Thank you."


Sincerely yours,



"Once again let me thank you for the lovely Passover carton of goodies that I received from you. It is a beautiful gift, and I am most appreciative of your thoughtfulness and generosity.  All good wishes to you in your fine work."




"How blessed I am to have you.  For the cellphone you sent me to hook up to 911, after I fell. For your man securing the loose awning. For all the many things you do for me. Thank you so much."




"I receive the daily meals and it is a godsend."



"I want to thank your organizations for sending us the excellent emergency packages.  Before losing my vision, they would have been useful. Now they are invaluable."

Thank you,



"I thank you for lunches sent me when I needed them, and I wish you all God’s blessings and continued love.  Again thank you."


Ms. B.

"Thanks for the MOW (meals on wheels). Greatly needed and appreciated."



"Thank you for the Hurricane Boxes. Have them ready.  Hope we don’t have a hurricane though."



"Just a little thing to express my gratitude for all your help to me."


Hsan Ling

Volunteer visiting elderly man
Senior Citizen Exercise Class
Coffee Table